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Allyus is a location based political social network which empowers people to change government policy.

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How Allyus is Different


Demographic Data

Give ownership of data to the people and the resulting insights to the politicians in order for them understand the issues facing their constituents


Campaign Management

Increase constituency engagement and give politicians access to more potential voters through our modular Politician Page


Dual Comment Section

Display differing opinions on opposing sides of an issue in order to better educate users on both sides of the argument and help prevent societal polarization


Dual Profile System

All users are given the choice to operate under a their real name or a pseudonym to allow people to express their honest opinion without fear of social repercussion


User First Approach

We are committed to never selling personalized data and not requiring users to sacrifice privacy in order to create social impact


Amplify Your Voice

Provide citizens the opportunity to communicate with campaigns in an impactful way while also giving grassroots and non establishment politicians an equal playing field

Something For Everyone

Whether you are a
politician, pundit, or voter.

We have everything you need to reach your representatives, constituants, or online personalities. All at the tip of your fingers.

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Reach Your Reps

  • Engage on a local,
    provincial and federal level.
  • Communicate with your
    local politicians
  • Privacy and Security through
    Civic Blockchain ID
  • Understand the issues
    affecting your community


Reach Your Audience

  • Increase and mobilize
    volunteer support
  • Highlight your commitment to
    transparency and accountability
  • Understand your constituency
    through data
  • Receive valuable feedback
    on your platform

Data and Demographics

Our goal is to provide citizens with a system that allows them to view differing political opinions within their riding, province or country. This is beneficial to users because it allows them to understand issues that the media may frame through a bias narrative.

Dual sided petitions can be linked to the polls in order to add value for politicians. Users can then view how many voters support and also oppose a specific cause.

This provides a refreshing take on modern day online petitions which only highlight one side. The data can then be used to understand the location of the participants in order to see if they are a true stakeholder in the matter.


Allyus is a One-Stop Political Platform

Allyus is committed to making politics more accessible and and bringing democracy back into the hands of the people. We want to hold our elected officials accountable to their constituency -the source of democratic power. Our mission is to empower citizens to take back ownership of democracy and enact meaningful change within their communities.

Modular Politician Page

Your Home Page for Politics

Each Politician’s page has several sections similar to what can be found on their personal website, including: About - Platform - Events - Volunteering - News and Media - Endorsement - Donations and Mass Messaging.

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